Always exciting to know what’s coming next from emzae
— Dean Jackson, BBC Introducing

Sharing her self-produced music online since 2014, emzae has amassed support from BBC Introducing, who have aired a number of her tracks and invited her to play at various events including ‘Faction’ at Rough Trade, Nottingham, and Dot to Dot Festival.

Her thoughtful brand of melancholic pop music combines personal and observational lyrics with emotive vocals to create memorable songs inspired by her life and thoughts.

An open sufferer of mental illness, emzae often blogs about her experiences in an honest and light-hearted way, and has taken part in several charity gigs to raise awareness and reduce the stigma of discussing mental health and other invisible illnesses.

She gigs acoustically throughout the east midlands, and is currently working towards finalising her electronic live set which she hopes will expand her performance capabilities and attract new opportunities. To see a list of emzae's upcoming gigs, visit her live page.