As This Day Fades to Another - A Selection of Awesome Reviews!

I have been extremely grateful for the super positive response from blogs and curators to my new single As This Day Fades to Another, released August 30th. To celebrate, I have collected a selection of my favourite quotes so far (with links to the articles/social media posts) below. A huge, giant thank you to everyone who has streamed and saved it so far!

“Emzae proves herself to be a prodigious emerging talent.” - God is in the TV zine

“A trilling, smacking world of quirky alt-pop” - The Music Mermaid

“A tight mid-tempo anthem with a perfectly timed dance groove.” - Cambridge Music Reviews

“A punchy electro pop track with a chorus that will stick in your head.” - GlamGlare

“Emzae sounds just as good when the pace is a little faster.” - Elevator

“Electronic pop at its best” - Deer Du Bois

“The track is super addictive” - Born Music Online

Take a listen:

emzae x