Double Life - Exclusive Cassette Release


If you follow me on Twitter, or you watched my recent vlog over on Facebook, you'll know that I've been talking about a cassette version of Double Life for a while. If you're new to my site or my music, Double Life is my latest album and you can download it digitally here.

It's taken a while to get these manufactured, but i'm incredibly excited to announce that to the cassette version of Double Life is now officially available to buy via Phase Velocity's BandCamp page. The release date coincides with Cassette Store Day UK — an event similar to it's famous vinyl equivalent.

I am a huge fan of physical music formats and took great care to ensure that the design of these cassettes reflected the theme of the album. I also like novelty items and little added extras that fall out of CD and cassette cases, so each album comes with a sticker (shown above) that you can stick on anything you wish.

I really hope you enjoy this collector's item (or maybe you play cassettes all the time, and if so I love you). Thank you so much for your support of this album and my past and future work.

emzae x