Forcing creativity


I have no ideas left. Or at least, that's how it feels right now. The past few evenings have been the kind where I switch on my mac, then switch it off a few hours later having achieved precisely nothing. It's not like i'm lacking motivation. I've never had more. Each and every day I consider my future and what I need to study or achieve to feel satisfied and move forward. 

Perhaps i'm too passionate, or working too hard. Maybe it's good ol' writers block, or bloody hormones. Most things seem to come down to that. Either way, I can't get my words to flow. One day I feel like a master of the English language, the next I can barely write a paragraph. This very blog post has taken me far too long to write. 

It always seems to pass, but it's frustrating each time I go through it. Everywhere I look there are people improving themselves, and seemingly perfect bloggers and musicians posting content every single day. I want to write, I want to study, I want to play and I want to sing. But for some reason right now, I end up trying each of these and then going to bed admitting defeat. 

Perhaps you have to fight through it. It's certainly what I try to do - carry on creating regardless. I don't know if it makes any difference, but they do say the stuff you write during an episode of writer's block can be some of your best. If that's the case, i've literally written the next Imagine. So stay tuned for that.