In support of BBC Introducing


UK mainstream radio isn't perfect. Whether it accurately reflects the tastes of our nation, places too much importance on rigid demographics or leaves too much power over the charts in the hands of a small group of people could be argued about all day long. I love it all, but it can get incredibly frustrating. That's why i'm glad that BBC introducing exists.

In case you don't know, BBC introducing is an initiative that allows unsigned artists to submit music for potential airplay on local and national radio. In order to have your track considered, you must have a BBC account and upload an mp3 version of your track via the official BBC Introducing uploader.

As an artist making music in my bedroom without the confidence to upload it online, I used to doubt whether it was possible for someone like me to receive airplay. I have since been lucky enough to have 6 tracks played on my local BBC radio station. I am the furthest person away from being part of any sort of 'clique', I don't have any mates at the BBC and I am quite literally just a random girl from Derby who makes music. I can confirm that if you put your best efforts into your music, you have a genuine chance of getting played. Some people will tell you that they have uploaded countless tracks and never received airplay, and the BBC state repeatedly on their website that there are no guarantees, but there is certainly far more chance of getting your track aired than getting a response from a major record label you sent your demo to or winning the lottery!

I have heard some fantastic tracks from local artists whilst listening to BBC Introducing East Midlands, and really been blown away from the talent on offer in my area. These are all people who spend countless hours gigging and promoting their music in the hope that it can become their career, and people for whom music is their only source of income. People who make music from the heart. 

Yes, BBC introducing still effectively puts a lot of power into the hands of a handful of people, but it makes many more extremely happy. It is an indescribable feeling to hear your song on the radio for the first time, and no matter what becomes of your career you will always have something to show for your hard work. It's a great opportunity for your family and friends to hear and support what you do, and even for those who don't make it to national radio and tour the festivals, it's a shining light in an industry that makes it increasingly more difficult to get a foot in the door.

Thank you for existing!

(You can listen to the tracks i've had featured on BBC introducing below, in my SoundCloud playlist)