I've been working on something for a while...

Over fifteen months spent writing, recording and mixing music have resulted in this moment where I finally get to announce the release date for the first single off my new album.

The song is called Lucid Dreaming and it will be available to stream and download on May 25th.

You can pre-save the track to your spotify library by clicking here. By doing so, you get taken to a hidden page on this site that reveals the lyrics!


You will also be able to pre-order it from a load of other stores over the coming days - I will share the links as soon as I have them!

The track is written, performed and produced entirely by me. I also had the pleasure of working with a mastering engineer called Luca Martello who did a wonderful job doing the stuff I get annoyed with e.g. making sure it's loud enough and sounds passable if someone were to play it through a phone speaker on the back seat of a bus.

The artwork was created by Adam Illingworth, who has previously worked with artists such as Joseph Knight and The Sunflower Thieves. He turned my weird "Maybe it could have squiggly text?" brief into a reality. 

Let's all just forget the fact that none of the other songs from the album are finished yet.

But DW they're all written and have demos.

More info soon,

emzae x