Interview, airplay, YouTube and spring cleaning

It's been a busy few weeks for me, and I thought the only way to start blogging again would be to give you a comprehensive round-up of everything that's taken place while i've been 'away'. Well, everything vaguely interesting that is.

Flown debuts on BBC Introducing East Midlands

I spent the majority of early 2017 working on the re-recording of an old demo of mine called "Flown". As I am currently in the midst of finishing my next project "Small City Girl" and could be for an unspecified amount of time, I wanted to give you all something of mine to be listening to in the meantime. 

The track received its radio premiere on BBC Introducing East Midlands on 26/03/2017, with a very kind reception from the team. You can listen to a clip here.

Storge interview published

The wonderful Derby-centric music blog Storge published an interview with me on 06/04/2017, during which I spoke about various things including my secret desire to start a line of pigmented glittery lip glosses. Read here.

New YouTube channel

A couple of weeks ago, I tentatively stepped into the ocean of YouTube. I've no guarantees that i'll become a daily vlogger, but you can subscribe to my channel here.

Spring Cleaning

You may notice that little changes are taking place across my profiles. This is because I'm in the process of updating my online presence once again. There are always areas I think I can improve in as I grow as an artist with each album campaign, and the next is no different. Expect to be seeing new photoshoots, a small website re-design and a few other things here and there.

One thing you may have already noticed is the trimming down of my SoundCloud profile. I had many, many hours of audio on there and decided that I wanted to revert back to a free account by ending my pro subscription in an effort to save a little bit of money. I deleted all episodes of the Popping Candy Podcast (don't worry, i'm sure you can hear more of my strange mixture of accents and numerous mispronunciations again soon), and I also took all demos I felt were noteworthy and packaged them (digitally) into two albums over on Bandcamp — The Demos Collection 1 and 2. You can download them for free and keep them until they become annoying. 

I believe that's all for now... i'd better get back to my musical hibernation. 

emzae x