Musical memories of 2007

Everyone has a year in their teenage life that they remember with great fondness. One of those years where nothing significant really happened, and anything bad has been glossed over with good things. A time when pop culture, pop music, friends and life collided to create something truly unique. For me, this year was 2007, which is now a decade ago. 

I was thirteen, I hated my school and most of the people in it, had already started frequenting the outpatients clinic at the hospital and had a bob haircut. I would not choose to live through 2007 again if you paid me, but it is still a year close to my heart. 

Why? Because I felt messed up and pretty worthless but I made sure I had fun, and music was once again there to guide me. Amongst every bad memory, the great ones of dancing around the school lunch hall making mischief whilst my friend played music from her Nokia 7373 shine through. Going to my best friend's house for sleepovers and attempting to play games on her ancient, one-click-away-from-exploding PC as she played music from her Sony Ericsson W300i (I never had anything quite so fancy). Coming home from school each day to go on MSN, eat bourbon biscuits and drink orange juice from a mug. Installing MSN Plus and setting it up to play "She's my man" by Scissor Sisters each time a boy I liked signed in (I thought it was he's my man, and I didn't know any of the other lyrics). Drawing stupid pictures, putting Technic lipgloss on and getting nail polish on my 2nd generation iPod Nano. It was forever ago. Most of the people I knew back then have drifted away now (except the best friend I mentioned, though that PC is long gone) but I still get a warm feeling inside each time I hear the songs we listened to on repeat back then. I used to think of that year as the good times I would never get back, but thankfully I weathered the storm and have ended up having more good and even great times since. Probably some that i'll celebrate on the blog too one day. Happy 10 years since 2007, may this year be a 12 month part-ay.