Nail art in music videos


I thought i'd take a break from the recent thoughtful and sometimes borderline 'ranty' posts I've been writing to talk about something I love — nail art. As a teenager I experimented with a different design pretty much every week (how did I have the time?!) but didn't wear nail polish of any sort for a couple of years while I kept my nails short and hassle-free for guitar playing. 

Recently, the obsession has crept back into my life and i've been buying all sorts of weird and wonderful polishes from mainstream and indie brands alike. It's just great to have your nails painted with something. It makes me feel like i've got my sh** together. Plus, it lasts a lot longer now and there are more ways to make it chip-resistant. 

Today I want to share with you some of my favourite nail looks from music videos. Whilst some artists go for one solid, simple colour you barely notice, these memorable nails steal the show. They also happen to be largely impractical for everyday use, which is why I love them so much. Hey, if your nails are getting filmed, why not go the whole hog?

Warning: the following contains a lot of product placement, stick-on gems and gold. 



Probably the only look on the list that seems pretty attainable, yet incredibly striking and totally in keeping with the theme of the music video. Samsung obviously knew that sad people like me would take GIFs and screenshots of Fergie's amazing nails in "Fergalicious", thus immortalising their YP-K5 MP3 player forever. 

lily allen - HARD OUT HERE


What I find most impressive about this one is not only the intricate gem design, but also the fact that Lily Allen can be seen with a completely different set of nails in the next shot!



Although technically not a painted nail, Beyoncé got these amazing custom gold nail rings from Bijules. I can only imagine how much money they are worth. Do you reckon she still has them in a drawer somewhere?



When creating this post, these nails were the first that came to mind. Although you never get to see it in great detail, this playing-card themed nail art is incredibly memorable (at least if you are into this kind of thing). 


Another example of mighty fine product placement with these awesome (yep, you guessed it) gold nails from Jordin Sparks. But wait, what are all those chains hanging from them?! I spent many a day wondering this as I flicked through the music channels, until I finally found out they were called nail piercings and tried it out for myself. I think this many would get in the way, though. I have no idea how she typed that so well.