New single out 30th August

I’m super excited to announce my next single is called As This Day Fades to Another and you’ll be able to stream and download it from 30th August. To get it in your Spotify or Apple Music library as soon as it’s out, click the pre-save/pre-add link below.

If you follow me on Twitter, it’s the song with the synth that I think sounds like an inkjet printer but no one else who’s heard it so far seems to agree. It’s also a break from some of the more melancholic tracks i’ve been releasing recently — hold on to your hats because it’s semi-upbeat. Well, it’s at least midtempo.

For more info in the run-up to release date on what it’s about and how I wrote it, check out my social media profiles for some classic emzae lofi video content.

As This Day Fades to Another OFFICIAL ARTWORK.jpg