New site, new chapter

Photography courtesy of  Zoe Hayward

Photography courtesy of Zoe Hayward

For many around the world, the last few months have been a time of great sadness, despair and deep thought. Forgive me if I haven't spoken enough about the tragedies that have befallen the beautiful country I call home — I simply felt that there were no words I deemed powerful enough. Words felt meaningless when we had been confronted with the fragility of human life so many times in quick succession. Forgive me, also, for not passing comment on politics or world events. I am still a young mind — one with great passion, enthusiasm and hope like any other - but one that is still growing. I have been taking these uncertain times as an opportunity to educate myself on the things I never got the chance to learn at school. Modern history and politics. Looking to the past in an attempt to get a grasp of just why it is we might be where we are now. Listening to the opinions and experiences of others — those who share my beliefs and those who do not. I will always maintain that understanding is the key to progression.

Over the past few months, I have also been developing as an artist and a creative individual. I made the decision early this year to start writing autobiographical songs again. My next project is linked closely to my life — the sound shaped and influenced by the city I live in. I felt it was only right that I updated my website and branding to match my progressing sound. You can thank Make North for my new logo.

Last month I turned 23, and realised I have been sharing music online as emzae for almost four years. Naturally, as a relentless perfectionist and workaholic, I began to evaluate the achievements I have made in that time. I also became somewhat obsessed with moving forwards. What was previously a relaxed transition into my next album and live performance, became a desperation to finish and release music. To secure and play my next gig.

I did not realise until the damage had been done that working 30 hours a week and some 20 hours per extra on music is not maintainable for someone with a chronic illness. I became exhausted, and only recently have I taken the steps to scale back slightly on my routine and be kinder towards myself. The idea is that with more energy, I might actually be able to get more done instead of staring at my screen with watering eyes eating those dairy milk biscuits.

So here I am, slap bang in the middle of the music making process. I've even started editing flex time on one track. *audience gasps* You'll know about that because i've probably been moaning about it on Twitter. 

I've had a wonderful time playing live this year and my aim in 2017 is to play at least 10 times. By the end of July i'll be on 6. I hope to keep improving in all the ways I can and take you all along on the ride with me. I am forever grateful for the support and encouragement given to me by both good friends and new listeners alike. There are hopefully some pretty exciting times ahead!

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