New Track Glory - Out 06/12/18

Hey everyone, it’s emzae.

You may have already guessed that since you are on my website and my name is in the top left hand corner, but nevertheless.

Introductions out of the way, I’d like to tell you about my new track which you can stream from Thursday 6th December onwards (and add to your playlists, cough cough cough).

I started writing my next album in January 2017, and I was super excited to finally share the first single from it with you in May — Lucid Dreaming. My goal was to reach 1,000 streams on Spotify, but as of today it officially hit 6,000! The reception has been beyond anything I had imagined, and even though I mix my tracks at the speed of a snail (I do actually work on music almost every day you know!!!) I was determined to give everyone another track off the album before the end of 2018. An early Christmas gift, if you like. Glory is a track I first performed at my debut solo set at this year’s Hockley Hustle in Nottingham at the end of October, and it was the one track everyone mentioned when telling me how I did on stage. It was for this reason that I decided Glory was to be the track to put out there for the people.

What’s it about?

Glory is essentially about being in your twenties and feeling as though you are part of a giant machine that you have no control over. It’s about the feeling of working every day, either towards something you love or to fund something you love, and flopping down in your bed at night then browsing social media and watching youtube videos to extend the time before you go to sleep. It’s about the feeling that you are stuck in a cycle and you’re not quite sure you’re getting anywhere. It’s about feeling alone and craving a connection with other people in the same boat. It’s about watching other people’s lives online to convince yourself that they have it better than you and that there’s the possibility you could too. It’s about the comfort of that but also the jealousy, superficiality and unnecessary critique of yourself. It’s about doing all you can to maintain your free time, your creativity and your dreams as they all slide out of view. And it’s about the world telling you you’ve got it easy, and you should just go and have a bit of avocado on toast. But ultimately, it’s about keeping the faith. Knowing that one day, if we stick it out and support each other, our generation will be the leaders and that we can all make a positive change to the world.

I worked super hard on it, and I hope you can find some comfort in it.

Don’t worry, i’ll be releasing something more sonically upbeat at some point! Haha.

Emzae x

P.s. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!!!!!!!! I love you all SO much!!!