OCD Q&A for Time To Talk Day 2018

As long-term readers and/or listeners may know, I have suffered from various mental illnesses throughout my life. Whenever the opportunity arises, I like to 'do my bit' and talk openly about some of my experiences, discuss neglected topics and dispel some myths in the hope of making a small difference and potentially helping someone out there.

For this year's #TimeToTalk day on February 1st, I wanted to discuss the mental illness I have which consistently receives the most misinformed, generalised comments and press coverage — OCD, or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. 

Mainly known for being 'that thing where you wash your hands loads like that bloke off that channel 5 documentary', and constantly used to incorrectly explain personality quirks by even the most well-educated, admirable public figures, OCD is in fact a complex, terrifying condition that deserves more awareness and greater research. 

This year, I would like to invite as many of you as possible to ask questions about OCD and my experience of living with it through this anonymous online form. Please don't worry about asking a 'stupid' question or offending me, as the purpose of this Q&A is to have an open discussion, educate each other and dispel some popular myths about the illness.

I will answer the questions via a YouTube video which will be published either on #TimeToTalk day itself or shortly afterwards, depending on my awful WiFi connection. 

Thanks for taking part, and huge <3 to everyone.

emzae x