The Demos Collection: Volume 2

As you know, I make quite a bit of music. Some makes its way onto 'official emzae' albums or EPs, but the rest of it is in danger of never seeing the light of day. Now, don't get me wrong, there are a few tracks i'm glad will never be heard outside this abnormally long room I call my bedroom/studio. I have always enjoyed listening to demos from artists I love, though, and long believed that these little rough cuts are a golden opportunity to see the creative process in all of its glory. An artist in their purest form. It has therefore been important to me from the beginning that I release as many demos as possible to the world. I released my first collection of demos, the catchily-titled "The Demos Collection: Volume 1" last year as a free download on my bandcamp page.

I'm pleased to announce that from today, you can now download "The Demos Collection: Volume 2"! It features 12 tracks, including Double Life and Nightdreamer cast-offs (haha) and my recently premiered Christmas song! 

My favourite track off the album? Colourblind.

Get your free download if you wish

Merry Christmas

emzae x

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