Why you shouldn't be afraid of the starting point

I wanted to write this post for anyone like me, sitting in their bedroom after enjoying a pasta bake contemplating their next move. To start studying, learning, working or planning that thing you really want to do or to make a vampire on the sims? That is the question.

I have wanted to play my electronic music live for quite some time. I've also wanted to learn more about rhythm and music theory. Until tonight, I must admit that i've been putting it off.

People avoid working towards their goals for all sorts of reasons. It may be that you're scared of failure, or simply don't believe in yourself. It might be that it will take quite a while to get to where you want to be and you want everything right now.

To get over my spell of rampant procrastination, I thought back to the time I bought a copy of Logic and attempted producing my first proper song in it. The time I started learning guitar with my stubby little fingers. The time when I was coaxed on stage for my first appearance as emzae. 

There always has to be a starting point. Sure, I have made far better songs on Logic since that first one. I can play guitar a little bit better than I could on day one. I'm much less nervous on stage now.

But I don't look back in embarrassment or critique myself. 

You shouldn't be afraid of the starting point, as it is merely the start of a long, enjoyable journey of bettering yourself.

emzae x