A Dream Fulfilled — My Experience at the 2017 World Athletics Championships

I can hardly believe it almost a week later, but on Wednesday 9th August I sat in the London Olympic Stadium witnessing an incredible night of athletics in the pouring rain. 

When I was around 6 years old, I cried as I watched Kylie close the Sydney 2000 Olympics. The event i'd watched every day before school had completely captured my imagination, and it was a feeling that would remain long after the fireworks burnt out and the audience left their seats. 

I obsessed over Athens, Beijing and every related championship in between. With London winning the bid in 2005 on my induction day at Secondary school and due to host the games when I had turned 18, it felt like I spent my childhood waiting for the Olympics to arrive in my home country. I carried it with me as my dream for each one of those years, hoping that one day I would get to attend the Olympics. Through various circumstances, I never got to go to London in 2012. Part of me was heartbroken, but I made sure I experienced every last bit of action from the comfort of my living room.

Four years later, in late 2016, I decided that I would take up the opportunity to see the Olympic stadium in action for its next major competition — the world athletics championships. Both Usain Bolt and Mo Farah, two giants of the sport, had announced it was to be their last major competitive outing. I was not going to miss the chance to see at least one of them in the flesh before retirement. 

I was ecstatic when I secured tickets, and spent months planning for the big day. Last week, it finally arrived. Find out my tales from the day in the video below from my YouTube channel, and view my attempts at photography in my special London 2017 gallery below!

A special thanks to Premier Inn Docklands ExCel who were extremely well organised and welcoming to all those staying at the hotel for the championships.